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The big step towards 100% climate neutrality.

The Tees are made from a biopolymer developed especially for us, which consists of 99% corn, a renewable and extremely resource-conserving raw material. This makes the Ecoline-Tee biodegradable and CO2-neutral. Thanks to a customized production process, a stable Tee has been created that meets all requirements.

The short transport route from production to the warehouse also ensures a minimal carbon footprint.

Ecoline-Tees are available in all sizes and designs - Classic, Sports, Star and Next Step.

eco by nature


For the next generation

The new Lignum Tee series sets high standards in terms of sustainability. We also work closely with workshops for people with disabilities. We reduceCO2 consumption to a minimum by locating production and warehouse within a few kilometers. In this way, we round off the ecological idea and close the circle around a sustainable product.

made in europe


A product from Europe!

As a young, innovative company, we are concerned that our success is not built at the expense of others. Conventional Tees are mainly produced in countries where manufacturing costs are particularly low. Exploitation through inhumane working conditions, poor payment of workers or even child labor have no place in our corporate philosophy. In order to produce fairly and sustainably, we have decided from the beginning to produce exclusively in Europe.

free from child labor


We do not exploit anyone!

Child labor is widespread in many countries and part of the pricing policy of many large corporations. Children who are exploited have no lobby. No one to stand up for them. And they know no other world than the one in which they have to work hard from an early age to survive. The weakest members of our society are exploited for profit on a grand scale. This fact is of great concern to us and we are proud to go different ways. Our company is therefore 100% free of child labor.

fair wages


and fair working conditions.

In many production countries, workers are more than just poorly paid. People perform their work under sometimes undignified conditions. Inadequate equipment, lack of safety regulations and the use of toxic substances are the order of the day. Despite long and hard work, these people live below subsistence level. Such practices have no place in our company policy. We employ workers who work under European standardized conditions, receive adequate wages and are socially protected. We guarantee this.